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5 Brutal Facts about Dating a Filipina Girl

I am sure there are some guys who are seeking to date a Filipina girl but don’t know how to either approach her or would like to know how to keep up the relationship. As a Filipina living in the US, it was clear to me that as there are similarities between my culture and the western culture, there are many differences.

One of the big, and obvious differences is dating in the Western culture; dating is common as a teen but in my world, it wasn’t even an option until I was in my 20’s.

However, when I had my first boyfriend it was a little different from how I’d imagine, so I had to inform him about some of my preferences. The following tips are brutal facts about dating a Filipina girl and what to expect.

1) We truly love our family

There is nothing in this world that’s more important to us than family. We take pride in having a strong family bond, and we will do anything to keep that bond. Everyone is helping each other out when it comes to raising a child.

Another difference from the Western culture is that we expect the male gender role of taking action and doing the physical work. Sometimes these services will need to be extended to our family and friends so that it’s showing a devotion to the relationship.

We also take value motherhood and marriage. Although we do want to work and help support financially, we do look forward to being good wives and mothers. The family will always remain a priority.

2) We make a ridiculously huge amount of food

If you ever go over to her house for dinner, don’t be alarmed. We’ll be warning you in advance that there will be a huge pile of food. Lots of meat, rice, veggies, adobo, sisig, lesion and the list goes on. But that’s the usual for a Filipino family.

If you want to be amazed, you should go over for dinner during a celebration. So yes, the importance of good food, makes it second on the list.

3) We love Karaoke a lot

If you get invited to a Filipino party, especially during that family celebration, be aware that karaoke will take place. It’s a fun family activity that gives a chance to everybody of all ages to participate.There is always a karaoke machine around somewhere in the household and if not it’s on its way. And if everyone is drunk and signing, chances are your turn is coming up.

4) We are religious

Most Filipinas are Catholic and are looking for a Catholic partner. We’re not picky with the ethnicity, but we are when it comes to religion. Of course you can find a few exceptions to that rule since some Filipina don’t apply Catholic practices as much as others.

We do go to church, say our prayers, and wear cross necklaces. If you are not religious or don’t follow it like we do, just respect that we are Catholic and demonstrate that you will give support to all aspects of life. Even if it isn’t your cup of tea.

5) We’ve got pretty conservative values

When I moved to the US, I was amazed how open women were. That is not the case for Filipino women. We were raised to save ourselves for marriage and only give our virginity to the one we believe will stick with us until the end of our life.

Now, once again there are acceptations. It doesn’t mean that all Filipinas are virgins until their married but if they aren’t, it won’t be shared information. Due to our conservative belief, we don’t openly talk about it unless it’s with our partner.

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