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The Atlanta Police Athletic League is a juvenile crime prevention force that is dedicated to providing educational and athletic activities for all children 8 to 18 years old. We primarily service high-risk neighborhoods and engage the youth in constructive activities.  We surround the youth by the positive influences of responsible adults and police officers who volunteer their time as positive role models. 

         The Atlanta Police Athletic League is a non-profit public benefit corporation. It's mission is to provide a safe environment for youth to reach their full potential, through partnerships with police and community; utilizing athletics and other programs which are geared to improving the quality of life of its participants. Thus, promoting confidence, self-esteem, civic engagement, academic achievement, and social principles that will aide them in becoming productive members of society.

         The Police Athletic/Activities League (PAL) is a nationally recognized youth-oriented crime prevention program that places police officers, community members, and kids together in a controlled and supportive environment. Originally, PAL was created in 1917 by New York City Police Lt. Ed Flynn, who recognized that the youth hanging out on the street corners were craving structure and guidance.